Latest shoot at Petaluma Animal Services

Well he’s # 3 in the series of shoots for the animal shelter. I guess it’s having some effect as acouple have been adopted sine we started and we really don’t have the shelters website up yet. They do have a presence on Facebook tho and that helps spread the word. The new posters have ben spread around town so we’re getting more exposure as well.

What follows are some of the latest shots from the March 17th session, a lot of cats and some really cool dogs


McQueen the Cat


Chewee Head shot



Chewee Lhasa/Poodle Mix

JD Beautiful Shepard




Boo Gordon Retriever








Sugar Bear




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After my last Friday shoot at the Petaluma Animal Shelter I decided to create some posters to put in the local shop windows to help with getting more adoptions.

So far I’ve created 4 posters with different animals in each. These are printed 11×14 by my local Costco to keep down costs and they did a brilliant job for a low price point

Below is my first one…..he’s a character and was fun to photographWanted


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New Photos for Petaluma Animal Services

Spent a few hours yesterday (March 2/2012) taking some pictures of some Dogs & Cats that are up for adoption. My goal is to make the animals look good enough to adopt & I try to bring out each one’s character (not always successful but I try.

Here are some of the results, hope you like them

Snoopy Dog




















That’s  a few, there’s more but can’t put them all up yet.



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Availability of my Pictures

All of my photos posted on this site are available thru a Creative Commons (Non Commercial) license agreement

This means that you the viewer may take photos from my site & reuse them for your own PERSONAL use, on your website or otherwise as long as you apply 3 things.

1. All photos must be credited to Derek Roe Photography and linked back to

2. Are not used commercially in any way, including, but not only, in commercial advertising, printing for remuneration of any kind, selling my pictures for fun or profit.

3.You do not create derivations or make any changes to the original photos

You may copy & paste these photos on your personal website or Facebook page as long as you include a credit to ‘derek roe’ & link-back to

Professional prints of all photos are available upon request as well as other things like NoteCards, Gallery Prints, Wall Clings, anf framed & mounted prints. Prices are available upon request.




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Here’s some new shots of my puppies.

Demarara Sugar Sweet


Dogs at play (Really!)







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Assignment Food Shots

Just got a new assignment to photograph some food for a restaurant’s new website below is a photo of the Chef, Greg Smith

Chef/Owner at The Grill

Here are some preliminary shots of the offerings at The Grill




FootLong Chicago Style HotDog

Now is anyone hungry?

I certainly was taking the photos, but alas I had to ‘keep on truckin’ as there were more items on the menu.

The website is being designed by my friend Erik Bernskiold of Sweden, a brilliant web designer who has designed this site for me. There’s more photos to be taken, more work to be done but you’ll be updated here as we progress.

This is a first for me, having never photographed food before, so to insure that I could produce some high quality images I went to Kelbey Training site & took a few Video courses on food styling & photography. That helped a lot! There is more to shooting food than I ever imagined, & some of the tricks are quite funny.

More to come later



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My First Post

Ted E Bear @ 9 weeks

Welcome to my new website & Blog!

As this is my very first blog posting, please bare with me as I struggle thru saying something interesting.


The web site was created by Erik Bernskiold of Sweden and I think he has done a magnificent job of creating something different & unique for me. Erik also hosts my other 2 websites, CRIMPERS.COM for my Salon Management Software and for my salon. Erik also redesigned my software site & made it up to date.


Trying to upload & edit photos to the main site has been a trying experience as its almost impossible to only post your best photographs. Some have sentimental value & maybe are not the best photographically or in composition. I hope over the next few weeks to get the snaps out & the best shots in. I really think that what I and most photographers need is a good editor who can make these decisions on a professional level. As I can’t really afford such a person, I’ll have to rely on some photographer friends who I admire to assist me in culling my jumble. If you, the reader of this blog, have any opinions, please feel free to do so, any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time documenting the ‘puppy to adult’ stages of my newest dog. He’s a Golden Retriever, currently just over 4 months old and is a difficult subject, as he does everything at full speed! Then every hour or so he has a ‘power nap’ which is not very interesting

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