Availability of my Pictures

All of my photos posted on this site are available thru a Creative Commons (Non Commercial) license agreement

This means that you the viewer may take photos from my site & reuse them for your own PERSONAL use, on your website or otherwise as long as you apply 3 things.

1. All photos must be credited to Derek Roe Photography and linked back to www.derekroe.com

2. Are not used commercially in any way, including, but not only, in commercial advertising, printing for remuneration of any kind, selling my pictures for fun or profit.

3.You do not create derivations or make any changes to the original photos

You may copy & paste these photos on your personal website or Facebook page as long as you include a credit to ‘derek roe’ & link-back to www.derekroe.com

Professional prints of all photos are available upon request as well as other things like NoteCards, Gallery Prints, Wall Clings, anf framed & mounted prints. Prices are available upon request.




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