Assignment Food Shots

Just got a new assignment to photograph some food for a restaurant’s new website below is a photo of the Chef, Greg Smith

Chef/Owner at The Grill

Here are some preliminary shots of the offerings at The Grill




FootLong Chicago Style HotDog

Now is anyone hungry?

I certainly was taking the photos, but alas I had to ‘keep on truckin’ as there were more items on the menu.

The website is being designed by my friend Erik Bernskiold of Sweden, a brilliant web designer who has designed this site for me. There’s more photos to be taken, more work to be done but you’ll be updated here as we progress.

This is a first for me, having never photographed food before, so to insure that I could produce some high quality images I went to Kelbey Training site & took a few Video courses on food styling & photography. That helped a lot! There is more to shooting food than I ever imagined, & some of the tricks are quite funny.

More to come later



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