My First Post

Ted E Bear @ 9 weeks

Welcome to my new website & Blog!

As this is my very first blog posting, please bare with me as I struggle thru saying something interesting.


The web site was created by Erik Bernskiold of Sweden and I think he has done a magnificent job of creating something different & unique for me. Erik also hosts my other 2 websites, CRIMPERS.COM for my Salon Management Software and for my salon. Erik also redesigned my software site & made it up to date.


Trying to upload & edit photos to the main site has been a trying experience as its almost impossible to only post your best photographs. Some have sentimental value & maybe are not the best photographically or in composition. I hope over the next few weeks to get the snaps out & the best shots in. I really think that what I and most photographers need is a good editor who can make these decisions on a professional level. As I can’t really afford such a person, I’ll have to rely on some photographer friends who I admire to assist me in culling my jumble. If you, the reader of this blog, have any opinions, please feel free to do so, any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time documenting the ‘puppy to adult’ stages of my newest dog. He’s a Golden Retriever, currently just over 4 months old and is a difficult subject, as he does everything at full speed! Then every hour or so he has a ‘power nap’ which is not very interesting

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